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Jeff A. Ott, CEO, Total Carrier Solutions, Inc.

Telarus, 5

Great Master instant quotes tools resources all make it very easy to do business with them. Great Master Agent. Best and easiest to work with.

Jeffrey Dalby, Dalby Telemanagement Group, LLC

Telarus, 5

Very good support on all levels from orders all the way through to commissions. They do not leave you hanging and waiting for responses.

Ray Chartrand, Telecom Consultants - Northport, AL

MicroCorp, 5

Microcorp is a dedicated team of telecom professionals that continue to search for ways to better serve their customers, and their agent partners.
This organization operates with intregity in it's relationship with their customers and their agent partners.

MicroCorp provides outstanding training and support for the sales and service professionals that they partner with in the telecom industry .

Sales Partner (verified by TA)

WTG / World Telecom Group, 4

WTG has one of the best quoting and ordering tools around. Their Partneredge is second to none in this catagory. They have struggled of late with thier new commission system but have worked tirelessly to get my residuals corrected and have trued up everything to date. Overall in the 10 + years I have done business with Vince and WTG they are the best of the best and I would not use anyone else for my business.

Sales Partner (verified by TA)

WTG / World Telecom Group, 5

WTG goes above and beyond to support me. The Partner Edge tools are awesome! Best Master Agency in the USA

Sales Partner (verified by TA)

Telarus, 5

Telarus really understands independent agents needs and has put together a program to meet the needs of the agent community.

Susan Lieberman, SLL Enterprises

TBI / Telecom Brokerage, Inc., 5

They are responsive to my needs as an agent. I am new to the agent world having worked direct for 2 carriers. Learning about all of the different companies can be difficult. They have assisted me by using their knowledge of the other carriers that I am not familar with.

Steve Roy, President, Telecom Buyer

Telarus, 5

We've worked with Telarus since 2003. They continue to innovate in areas of lead generation, quote tools, fiber maps and CRM capabilities. They have a unique portfolio of carriers and are regularly a top tier performer with their suppliers. And commissions are paid like clockwork at the end of each month. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Best Master Agency for Real-Time quotes & Community of Agents

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

CPI Communications, 5

CPI's support and sales entities go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and always put the customers a priority # 1.

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

CPI Communications, 5

CPI Communications supplies a true holistic IT solution allowing businesses to concentrate on their core functions. Starting with pre-sales needs analysis evaluating business efficiencies through implementation and post-sales support (ie moves, adds, changes, and service needs), CPI excels above other Master Agents through the sales process and back office support through their promptness and integrity.

John Covici, Covici Computer Systems - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

I have found them a great place to work -- agents cooperate with each other instead of competing.

Guillermo Sorzano Associated Telephone Technicians, Inc. - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Telarus provides all the tools to make the sale and give the customer the solution they require. Best Master Agency.

Ron Legarski, SolveForce - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Best All Round Master Agency.

Linda Benthall, OFIS Communications - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

It is so very nice working with such an awesome company that keeps their word. Always helpful and available for questions or commments and takes excellent care of customers!

Bryce J. Larson,  President, Xylon Corporation - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Bob Shupe has been phenomenal to work with. Always organized and willing to help us on any project big or small.

Sales Partner (verified by TA)

Telarus, 5

The only one that does it better. Best Master Agency for Training.

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

Telarus, 5

Very professional organization with optimal results.

Bill Quaglia, President, GlobalCom Education and Communication, LLC - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

In my opinion, Telarus, Inc is the most advanced and supportive Master Agency out there, giving my consulting business the best opportunity for success. They offer a full compliment of state-of-the-art websites, quoting and processing systems, technology partnering opportunities, and CRM tools available. My association with Telarus gives me certain notoriety because of the reputation of exemplary treatment of its customers. The Telarus standard is that the customer is afforded unbiased, simple, real-time quotes which are followed up within minutes by a dedicated agent who gives professional, quality attention and service for the entire life of the customer. Our reputation is spreading quickly and opportunities are getting easier to complete.

Telarus has recruited the most incredible, accommodating, and hard-working administration team. Their constant striving for excellence in their industry puts them high above everyone else. Valid suggestions from the independent agents are taken to heart and upgrades are implemented in short order. Commissions are paid like clockwork and the admin staff works quickly to rectify any discrepancies with the Providers.

There is another aspect and facet of the culture of Telarus that is found no where else. This culture has coined a new saying, ""Coop-itition."" The camaraderie and willingness of other Telarus agents to support each other and share their knowledge encourages a level of mutual respect and trust. This approach, I feel, is one the strong reasons why Telarus has been so successful in such a short time-span. I have never found such support, ingenuity, brilliance, creativity, and concern for the individual customer and agent, as is displayed by Telarus Inc., and its association of independent agents. Hat's off to a great organization!

Dan Sabatucci, Partner, Brisk Consulting - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

We just partnered with Telarus this year, and they have been very helpful in helping us learn how to use their tools, in having open access to the Carriers, and assisting with proposals. They also respond quickly to any questions we have.

Zachary Schechter, ZCS Enterprises - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

When you add honesty and integrity to great tools and excellent service, you get the ultimate match.

Laura T. Leggett, President, DataVoice Connect - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Telarus executives and channel managers are as dedicated and helpful as the Telarus automated quoting system (which rocks, by the way)! They're always there to go to bat for us using their leverage with carriers to make sure things get done right. We recently rolled out a new product to a large enterprise client that was an otherwise "protected (and neglected) house account" of the carrier's. The Telarus management team made it possible for us to partner with the carrier direct team. All parties --most importantly the client-- were happy. Over the last 3 years, Telarus has helped our business grow immensely. They do what they say they'll do and are a joy to work with.

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

Outreach Telecom & Energy, 5

Outreach Telecom and Energy is proud to be a member of the 2010 INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America.

Fred Wallrapp, Owner, Tribute Telecom - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Telarus is amazing to work with. Their software is crazy-good. I get multiple quotes from different carriers in a few seconds. Their education programs are amazing. Support is equally excellent. Definitely a "10" in my book - as your scale only goes to "5" that's what I'm giving them. A class act.

I feel what Telarus does best is they teach their agents how to make money. It's the old give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish deal. They teach you how to use their amazing software platform, then support you in using it. I can't imagine how anyone could be better.

Jon Arnold, JA Communications Group Inc. - Sales Partner

Telarus, 5

Excellent relationships with all 30 carriers they represent, providing great visibility to those carriers as well as demonstrating being fair and honest with their agents.

Telarus is absolutely the best agency I have ever worked with or seen in my two decades of telecom experience, they are like a breath of fresh air.

Curtis S. Burnside, CCNA

Telarus, 5

Having dealt with many Master agents over the last 10 years in the business, I did my homework when opening my own shop a couple years back.

No one does it alone, and I found Telarus is a relationship oriented operation, giving me people who obviously care about my success.

After looking at six of the major Master players, I settled on Telarus as my "go to" Master agent for all any of my business that fits their product matrix.

The tools and web based operations Telarus brings to the table are second to none. Having a single resource to build successful channel and customer relationships is tantamount to success.

Additionally, I'm always paid right, the first time, every time and Telarus'
financial stability is second to none. For those planning a future in this business, aligning the majority of your production with a financially strong Master is a major consideration.

Great job Telarus, no wonder you guys have consistently been the top Master in the channel, and will be for years to come!

Most financially stable Master Agency and fairest compensation.

Michael Starbeck

CPI Communications, 5

I have worked with several agents in my ten years as a channel sales manager and CPI continues to exceed my expectations. Not only do they produce on a consistent basis (well above average), there is rarely a problem on the back end of their orders. They know their business and are true professionals when it comes to communications.

Sales Partner (verified by TA)

Telarus, 5

Telarus is keenly aware of the services that clients need and actively engage the right business partners to fill our portfolio with the right blend of products and services. They also just so happen to be the best at back office communications for their agent partners. Best back office and marketing tools - Master Agency.

Chuck Anthony

Telarus, 5

I have partnered with Telarus for about 6 years now and they continue to amaze me in their ability stay in the forefront of innovation and agent support. As an independent agent I have nothing but respect and complete trust in Telarus and their commitment to the agent community. Best Master Agency for Innovation.

Daniel Pentecost

Telarus, 5

Having done business with Telarus since the early days of their inception, I have seen them continually synthesize agent needs into real, working systems which make my life as an agent easier and more productive. When other master agencies were still using manual quotes for everything, Telarus was allowing me to send out instant quotes in a few steps. Their systems are still, today, much easier to use than competing back offices. Every time I have to use some carrier's "big M" back office, I feel like I need a Ph.D. to make the thing work right. Telarus' systems work like real humans think! Best Master Agency for Automation. Best Master Agency for Growing Agents. Best Master Agency for Innovation.

Jerry Uselton

Telarus, 5

Best overall agency hands down!

Bob Horan

Telarus, 5

Continually sets the standard for innovation and agent support.

Bob Cullen

Telarus, 5

Have been a master agency and worked with many master agencies over the years I find Telaurs to be the best of all in my experience.

Jeff Mattox

Telarus, 5

I scoured the west coast looking for the best the master agent world had to offer. I found it in Telarus's offering. Telarus provides access to myriad datapoints from multiple vendors with an ease of use and level of support that is unparalleled in the industry.

David Moore

Telarus, 4

Telarus does an excellent job of keepng their agents up to speed on technology issues and brand marketing concepts utilizing the power and reach of the Interne. To the extent of personal assistance in building and maintaining their web sites.

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

CPI communications, 5

Complete Project management support with technical expertise and ongoing training support.

Dan O'Boyle

CPI Communications, 5

CPI gives us a great variety of choices and excellent customer service.

Mike Bozeman

Telarus, 5

Telarus and their GeoQuote system is indispensable to me and my company. They are very fair with commissions and provide excellent support.

Sales Partner (confirmed by TA)

Telarus, 5

Telarus is the best I've ever worked with.

Charlie Frangos

Telarus, 5

Consistent commission payments, tremendous carrier relationships, flexibility, total respect for the agent...these are the qualities that make Telarus the best Master Agent, by far!

Joe Budelis

Telarus, 5

Telarus teaches agents how to find leads and provides tools to help agents find and manage leads. They supply quotes via what is probably the world's foremost Carrier Service quoting system.

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